Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today I Am - May Edition

Five months in a row! January. February. March. April.

Today (pretend it's May 1st) I am...

Reading: The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner. This is one of my goals for the year.

Listening to: My kids argue. Also, Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know.

Obsessed With: Finding an absolutely perfect birthday cake for Maddux's birthday. I am leaning towards this dinosaur cake. Another goal for this year is to conquer fondant, so I am thinking that this would be a fun challenge.

Thinking About: Garage sales. I love garage sales. I think that I need Terra Cotta pots, ugly bowls and some new recipe books. Now I just need someone to come with me! (I can't possibly go on my own. Who would I gossip with?)

Planning to: Plant flowers this weekend, if it doesn't rain! I am thinking of doing groupings of Terra Cotta pots instead of just planting in the ground. We have a HUGE problem with stray cats in our neighborhood and they killed my flowers last year. I found a cool idea on how to antique Terra Cotta pots, so now I just need to get some!

Dreaming of: A fun new bracelet from Etsy. A Mother's Day gift, perhaps?

Enjoying: All of Breuklyn's soccer and softball games. I love to see her so enthusiastic and happy. And I love the hands in the air, I just scored a goal!!!! pose.

The clumsy, nerdy 6 year old girl in me is rejoicing for a daughter who has really come into her own so gracefully.

Vowing to: Organize and streamline my scrapbooking supplies. Does anyone really need thousands of sheets of patterned paper? (Especially since I just ordered Sassafras Lass - Bungle Jungle, Crate Paper - Little Sprout Collection and the American Crafts - Craft Fair Collection!!)

Working On: A Fancy Pants Window Frame as a Mother's Day gift for my mom.

Excited About: Mother's Day. A whole morning of reading in bed is the perfect gift for this exhausted mom! :)

What are you up to this rainy May morning?


Renee' Dezember said...

It's raining here today too...this morning me and my little one went to a Mother's Day Tea at school - had a great time...right now I'm fighting off a BAD headache :(YUCK!!!

Lal said...

I love reading your "I AM" posts! I need to do mine for May. Oh and about the paper, YES, you do absolutely NEED all that paper! Even if you bought new stuff. I have so much paper that if I stacked it from the floor up, it would be as tall as Elijah...maybe a tab bit taller. So that's about 4plus feet of paper! I LOVE it! LOL :)

Michelle said...

The sun was shining here yesterday and so far today. Just pretty muggy/humid. I really enjoy your I am posts. I hope you get your morning in bed on Sunday to just read and relax. You definitely deserve it. Happy Mother's Day (early), Estee!!

Jessica Harrington said...

you deserve a new bracelet Estee! Go for it!!