Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day In My Life

Is anywhere else out there drowning in socks? It can't just be me. I can.not.wait until everyone is wearing mandatory summertime flip flops so that there will be no more socks to match. Well, except for Brad's, but his are all the same which makes my life easy. :)

In honor of the little moments in our days, I am hosting a contest over at Scrapbook.com. The contest requires you to create a layout that documents your day. One winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate to Scrapbook.com's Superstore!

And just because you know how much I love to share the crazy stories that happen in my life, I present to you... the Fire Hydrant Story. I hereby solemnly swear that this story is 100% true. I couldn't make this stuff up.

(This is a copy and paste deal from my column this week)

"... Every once in a while, I find an excuse to escape. Like, for example, last Monday. The Alzheimer’s Facility had called and said that Nan needed more vitamins. Once the kids were in bed, I grabbed the box of Centrum Silver vitamins, my iPod and practically sprinted down the driveway. I rolled down all of the windows and opened the sun roof.

The road that I drive to get to Nan’s is a 4 lane highway that is really, really dark at night. I saw a vehicle ahead that had a flashing white light. It was pulled off in the grass on the right side of the road, beyond the shoulder. There was no else on the road coming in either direction and I didn’t think much of the vehicle sitting there. Well, I should have.

I had a brief recollection of reading a notice in the newspaper about the city flushing out fire hydrants when I was hit in the side of the face by a blast of cold water that was arching across the four lanes of traffic. You would never imagine how strong those jets of water are from those seemingly smallish hydrants. But when you are sitting in the front seat of your car with mascara smeared across your nose and water dripping on your head from the sunroof, you start to get the general idea... "


Michelle said...

Estee, I am sorry! :) I was laughing at your fire hydrant story when I read it yesterday. Too funny, but poor you!! To be hit with all that water! You are not the only one drowning in socks!! I HATE folding/matching socks and put it off all the time! I leave them to the very last!! So, when you are done with your laundry, do you want to come up and finish mine?? I have a bunch to do too. :)

Lal said...

OMG...I'm sorry. I know it's not funny, but I was laughing out loud! Why, oh why, do these things happen to you my friend? LOL Great story to tell now though :D And oh my, how I HATE pairing socks. I have resorted to just sticking them all in a "sock drawer" so that I don't have to pair them!

KB said...

I hate socks and instead of getting lost in the dryer, I think those little buggers go at it like bunnies. I have always ended up with the same pile of 40 gazillion white socks and then had to try to figure out Big His, Little His, Big Hers and Little Hers. I had a thought the other night -- a first -- and as I pulled them out I flung them by the individual piles of folded laundry instead of just one pile. You'd think after 30+ years of folding laundry I'd have come up with that sooner, but guess what? Even my mother -- who irons her sheets -- thought it was a good idea.

Hope it helps and if nothing else, know you are not alone in your sock crisis.

Jennifer said...

You are not alone in the sock mountain. Most of the time we live out of a basket of socks. Sometimes I get ambitious & separate & fold, but not too often.
OMG I laughed outloud at your fire hydrant story. That is something that would totally happen to me. But....on the other hand, why were they doing that at night? LOL

lifeheARTist said...

cracking up! I wish I could say that I can't relate but I totally can! I find myself in the craziest circumstances too. In addition to being totally accident prone, I'm a magnet for disaster... A few months back, I parked in our grocery store parking lot for a few minutes so that I could run inside to make a deposit at the bank. I found a spot right up front (never happens when I'm in a hurry!) and came out moments later to find the tree that "was" planted in the area next to the parking spot was now laying across the top of my NEW Element. As I stumbled around to try and remove some of the smaller limbs withing reach, the store manager came out to help. I turned to speak to him & one of the limbs hooked on to the front of my shirt and split my shirt right across the middle. It was a mesquite tree (lots of thorns). I've told about the tree story but never until now spoke of the shirt incident. I was mortified! The manager was nice enough to give me a greeter vest (with the name tag "Betty"...now an inside joke with DH). There's nothing quite like being called someone elses name repeatedly while being asked for directions to the microwave popcorn! ; ) Thanks for the laughs girly!

Melissa S said...

Holy Cow Estee! You know this could only happen to you lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed your sb.com column...have to look for it to read in its entirety. Stay strong girl:) and dry....pretty puleese???

BB said...

OK first of all, Oh. My. God. The socks. Seriously. Where dothey all come from? I have the same problem and there are only 2 of us, well, 3 now, but Myles doesn't wear socks.

Secondly, regarding the fire hydrant story, I can totally believe that this happened to you. Anybody else I would say no way buy you. Yep. To bad Nan needed vitamins and not chopped onions, then you would have had your scuba mask on and you would have been totally prepared!