Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Breuklyn: Mom, can we sleep with that thing on that blows air?

Me: Huh? The thing that.... oh! The humidifier? Why? You aren't really sick anymore.

Breuklyn: Yes, we are. We have energies.

Me: You have energies? Um...

Breuklyn: Yes. Energies. We are sneezing and our eyes are itchy.

Me: Oh! Allergies. I'm fairly certain that you'll survive.


BB said...

As a young child I used to announce that I had an "itis" to get out of doing things. I wouldn't specify what type of itis i.e. tonsillitis or laryngitis. Only that I had an itis and therefore was clearly too sick to clean my room or set the table or go to school.

Melissa S said...

He he...I love how the little ones pronounce things...soo cute..and I hope you all are feeling better....if there are real allergies!

Jane said...

This is too funny...I wish my allergies gave me energy!!!