Monday, October 29, 2007

Why me?

Since Breuklyn has been in Pre-K, there has been a lot of talk about letters and numbers around here. My mom says that when I was Breuklyn's age we would drive around in the car and I would yell out in my most dramatic I-must-know-this-right-now voice, "MOM! What does S-T-O-P spell? MOM! What about M-C-D-O-N-A... hey! You're driving too fast!!! What does Y-I-E-L-D spell? Huh? What does Yeeee-lllld mean? What? Merge? What? MOM! What does..." My poor mom. I can just envision her blood pressure rising as she gripped the steering wheel of our Tempo in frustration. As my dad always says, "It's payback time."

Breuklyn loves to ask questions. Ok, loves is actually an understatement.

Where does the sun go at night? (It goes to bed, like you need to. Now,

Why do I have to brush my teeth? Will they really fall out? Are you sure? (Have you seen 75% of the residents of the city that we live in? Yes? Well, they are proof that teeth do indeed fall out and are sometimes never seen from again.)

Why does that man have weird hair? (I don't know. But I do know that he doesn't need you commenting on it.)

Why do you roll your eyes like that? (It's an instinct that keeps my head from falling off, thanks for asking.)

Where does Dora go when I turn off the tv? (She hangs out at Boots' house. Duh. )

If Paizlee eats baby food, do I get to eat Breuklyn food? (Yes, broccoli is Breuklyn food. Congratulations.)

I have never claimed to have an abundance of patience. Sarcasm is often my only salvation from collapsing into a sobbing mess on the floor. After a whole week of Brad gleefully escaping to work and me dealing with Paizlee teething and Maddux being a typical two-year-old, I was ready to move to an undisclosed location. As I was folding the 436th load of laundry, Breuklyn began her usual onslaught of questions. "Mommy, why do we have to wear clothes?" Ugh. I calmly told her, "I am terribly sorry, but you are not allowed to use the word, "why" for the rest of the day. You just can't. Mommy's head is going to explode and you just need to find something else to do.

Breuklyn looked up at me and said, "W-H-Y?" She giggled. "You said not to say "why", but you didn't say not to spell it! So... W-H-Y do we have to wear clothes?"

Ok, seriously? I am running away.


Melita said...

OMG! I forgot how much fun your blogs are! I'm adding a link to mine to I can keep updated on a regular basis.

Miss you too!

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hi Estee! Thanks for dropping by :) I always enjoy reading your entries. So funny!!

I hope you have a good time on Halloween with the kiddos. Steve and I'll just spend the evening at home passing out candy :)

BB said...

Oh no! A WHY kid!
Your life is like that one tostitos commercial isn't it?
I know what you should do! Tell her to ask her teacher! Or wait, even better... tell her to ask Brad when he gets home! Mua ha ha. If he gets annoyed just pretend like you didn't want him to feel left out:D
*mischievous snicker*

Jane said...

Oh Estee!! thanks for the laugh!! that was too funny and I know how that is...your comments cracked me up and your DD spelling out why?.....oh baby you gotta watch out for that one!!!
(thanks for stopping by my blog, it means a lot that you take the time!!)

shopgirlaudi said...

She's a clever one:) Too funny as always:) And I'm all for the "ask your dad when he gets home" option:) hee hee

Melissa S said...

Oh girl you have me all the time smiling as I read your blogs...and poor you..what goes around comes around...I bet your mom is smiling...I pesonally love your gets me through my day as well:)

Lal said...

So funny!! Mikey is now getting to talk....ALOT! And he sure loves calling my name...he will seriously sit there and say "Mommy, mommy, mommy...." over and over if I don't answer him! I think I should be afraid of the why questions that are going to come from him! LOL

Heather said...

Dreaded letters! Alexis is in the same stage. Screaming from the way back of the van (Do you wonder why she sits all the way in the back? Hehe) MOM WHAT DOES N-O-L-E-F-T-T-U-R-N SPELL? Huh? Is that a trick question? LOL She's the traffic police too. She says MOM S-T-O-P means STOP. All the way! Not if I'm in a hurry to get home and get a break from all of the letters and spelling!

Ballard PACC said...

Love your kind of giggles! You are a very talented woman indeed, with all the scrappin and writing and mommy-in...oh my! I added you to my favs to read up on.

Amy Ballard (just in case you need to case the random person writing you!)