Monday, February 14, 2011

We {Love} Breuklyn Day!

Oh, my sweet and serious child. I love how each child has a very distinct and unique personality. Breuklyn is the athletic child. She is independent, intuitive to the feelings of others and very much adores her spot as the oldest child.

Whether it is Breuklyn's birthday or any time that she gets to choose what is for dinner, we know exactly what she will pick. Chicken Paprikas with green beans. And an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins, of course. As soon as we sat down Breuklyn looks at us and says, "Alright. What do you love about me?"

Paizlee - "I love Breuklyn because she is my friend and my sister. She lets me play with her Barbies."

Maddux - "I love Breuklyn because she is always nice to me when she sees me at school."

Brad - "I love Breuklyn because she is so helpful. She is the first one at the door when I get home from work to give me a hug, too. I love that."

Me - "When Breuklyn and I were at the grocery store today, there was a picture of a man dressed in a tuxedo on the front of a Valentine's Day card. 'Why is that man wearing a torpedo?' she asked me. I was totally confused until she pointed out the card. Instead of getting mad or embarrassed because I was totally cracking up, she just laughed at herself and said, 'I love it when I can make myself laugh.' I love that about Breuklyn. She can always find the bright side. She always delights in the sunshine. There is a lot that I can learn from Breuklyn."

We have so thoroughly enjoyed our Love days. It was so nice to take a few minutes to really slow down and focus individually on the kids after the chaos of December and January. We had a huge Valentine's Day breakfast yesterday since Brad was home and then I just have to show you the chocolate covered peanut butter hearts that we made. Then we can move on to Easter. Right? I can plant some Easter grass and start planning Easter brunch... I am off to start some new lists!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Michelle said...

Estee, these posts about the kids are so so wonderful! So Sweet!! All of the kids are completely adorable!! You just want to squeeze them!! I will leave that for you to do! I hope your week is off to a great start!!!Hugs!

Carmen O. said...

Such special memories you have created for your children. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Have a wonderful week.

Lal said...

So sweet! You have inspired me to do something like this next February! :)