Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chicken Paprikas

I love Chicken Paprikas. My grandmother used to make this meal for my mom, my mom made it for me and now I make it for my kids. Definite comfort food.

You will need: 1-2 onions, Crisco, Paprika, Black Pepper, Salt, One package boneless skinless chicken breasts, egg noodles and 8 oz. sour cream.

Crisco. I know it is evil. I know this. And yet, I use it in this recipe. I suppose you could use butter or something else to brown your onions, but I'm not messing with tradition.

I love onions, so I used two. I probably would have used three, but my kids might protest. Dice onions into pretty little pieces.Throw onions into a large skillet or any other large pot that you have a lid for. This is what they look like when you start.

This is what they need to look like. Give them about 5-8 minutes and they should be nice and browned.According to the recipe, you add 2 T. Paprika, 2 tsp. black pepper and 1 tsp. salt. I have no idea how much I use because I don't follow the directions. I always just kind of add everything in. Add in the spices and cook another 3-5 minutes over medium-low heat.

Now, add the chicken breasts. Brown on one side. Flip. Brown on the other side. Aren't they pretty?

Add about 2 cups of water. Make sure that you stir up all of the onions on the bottom of the pan. Cover your pan and let this cook until the chicken is cooked through. It should take 40-50 minutes depending on the size of the chicken breasts.

Right before you take the chicken out, put a large pot of water on the stove to boil. This will be for your egg noodles.

Take the chicken out and let it cool.

Once the chicken has cooled enough to touch, you can either shred the chicken or slice the chicken. I don't have the patience to wait until it cools, so I always slice it. Plus, touching chicken totally creeps me out, so I like to keep the shredding to a minimum.

We didn't forget the pan, now did we?

Add in 8 ounces of sour cream. Make sure that the heat is low. Nothing worse than scalding sour cream.

I know this color is a bit bizarre, but trust me, it's yummy. If you think that the sauce isn't creamy enough, then you can add some milk. There is no precise science to this.

Add in the sliced/shredded chicken.

Add the egg noodles. Again, I never know exactly how many I use. I cook about 3/4 of the bag and then just add them in until it looks like I have enough. My kids love the noodles, so I add in lots. If you want more chicken and sauce, add less noodles. Again, no precise science.
And done! I usually serve this with lemon pepper green beans and fresh rolls with butter. Chicken Paprikas is amazing reheated. Enjoy!


Dolores said...

OMG this looks absolutely delicious!

Melissa S said...

I absolutley love the pictures should do a cookbook like this!

Elizabeth said...

I am SO hungry right now. I am going to give this a shot this weekend... using tofu instead of chicken, of course! Yummy!

Leah said...

oh my heck. adding this to the list to make. I bought shrimp the other day for last weeks recipe. :)

BB said...

Dude this looks great. I'm definitely going to try this one. I found this tiny little spice shop in the next town over and they sell 14 different kinds of paprika. 14!