Monday, February 14, 2011

The Perfect Valentine's Day Breakfast

Every year we have a huge big breakfast for Valentine's Day. I love the early morning sunshine that brightens our table. I also love a good excuse to put out bowls of candy. Shocked, aren't you? My favorite red tulips and hearts cut out of vintage road maps (that I bought HERE) completed the table.
A pile of pink pancakes always makes me smile. They were more or less in the shape of hearts. Leaning a little more towards less.

Strawberry yogurt parfaits were the hit of breakfast. Plus, they were pretty. And we all know how much I love pretty food.

My favorite part of the entire table were the name tags. Each beloved family member got a love note. It was the perfect way to start the day. I hope that your Valentine's Day was as love-ly as mine.


Carmen O. said...

How fun! Such memories you create. Awwww

Lal said...

How sweet and thoughtful! Love it! :)

Sara Zenger said...

Your family is lucky to have you! =)

Michelle said...

What a wonderful day and breakfast you had!!! Our V-day was good as well.

Aphra said...

Precious name tags. Just precious! I am adding that to our Valentine's breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, strawberry syrup, and strawberry milk. :)