Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday is the new Monday?

This morning:

Paizlee thought it would be fun to use the broom as a tightrope. I am sure that you can imagine how well this ended. She wedged the dang thing between her bed and her dresser and then proceeded to balance her 35-pound self on top. The broom snapped in half. I know, we are all shocked. I then made her pay me all of her allowance money to the tune of $2.35 to pay for a new broom. Yes, I am the worst mother on the whole planet. And yes, I know every mother on the planet by which I can compare myself.

The morning then spun into something that looked a little like this: 1 Hello Kitty band aid, 3 pieces of grape jelly toast face down on the kitchen floor, 1 missing library book, 1 missing left shoe and 2 broken plates.

Then I dropped everyone off at school and went to a meeting at work. With adults! Who don't need me to pour them a glass of milk or cheat at Eye Spy.

And then I spent $110.00 on soccer balls and shin guards. Don't be jealous. And it's only Tuesday, people.


Carmen O. said...

Ahhh such memories! LOL My Ex and I worked opposite shifts so a sitter wouldn't be needed or for only a short time. One time I remember finding three slices of bread under the kitchen table and another time syrup. Syrup under the table?
Thanks for the smiles.

Michelle said...

My week last week.... spring went on garage door. Garage door has taken so much abuse from the wind. Did you know I was told I needed to put a hurricane rated door on? I live in Wisconsin, for crying out loud!! My glasses broke. I bumped my laptop and it fell off of the very fat arm of the chair. Screen is now shot. Greg hurt his back and was laid up - no work. 2nd job, no work = no pay. Lately Ben has been in a destructive mode. I took slip cover off of IKEA ottoman to dry cleaners. While cover was off, he proceeded to tear the foam off of the outside and hide it under the ottoman (it's in the basement). Now tell me he didn't know what he was doing was wrong. He completely knew. You should of seen his face when he saw I found it. Seriously, not making any of this up. Greg and I both say good for you for making Miss Paizlee pay for the broom. Ben doesn't have enough allowance anymore for the foam and few other things he's wrecked. I took privileges away and toys, not to mention reamed his butt a good one! Boy, did I yell at him. Hopefully, this all makes you feel a little better!!! Misery loves company! :) So far, this week is off to a better start. Here's hoping yours gets better!! Paiz is an adventurous little one, isn't she. :)

Trisha Jones said...

Oh my gosh, what a Tuesday to endure! Too bad for the toast, it sounds like it would'a been so yum. Here's to Wednesday being as beautiful as your hydrangeas!(Are they yellow, really? How wonderful!)

Gina L said...

Well.....at least your kids are creative. And you have offset the cost of a new broom in a very good way (really, it was good and you are not a bad mom). Okay, so that didn't really help. Hey, I tried. It's only Tuesday. Cut me some slack. I might be more helpful come, say, Saturday. Yeah, that's it. Or maybe not, after this work week I'm having...