Friday, July 17, 2009

A View From the Backseat

Brobee was super excited to go on a road trip. Just look at that smile. This was an hour into our trip, 5:00AM.

3 hours, 6 packages of fruit snacks, a bag of apple slices and 14 peanut butter crackers into the vacation.
5 hours in. Listening to Laurie Berkner on my iPod.

8 hours. Still enthusiastic.

11 hours and on the lookout for a 7-Eleven. I would trade in one of my children for a Banana Slurpee. Why don't they have 7-Elevens in Tennessee?

In our excitement we didn't actually take a picture once we arrived. Picture us being excited.

They were ready to jump right back in the next morning to head to the beach. They are such good little travelers.

I am so excited for the weekend. I just got a box from the UPS guy with the all new GCD Studios collections, so I am hoping to be able to scrapbook. What are your plans?


Michelle said...

I would love a day road trip somewhere. I haven't done much with the kids. The lakes up here aren't so nice.. no rain = icky, algae infested lakes. Yuck! Some scrappy time would be wonderful!! Next week we are going blueberry picking. This place is an hour away, but such a fun, quaint little place overlooking Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River. Love all the excited faces. Looked like they did well with the long drive!!

Michelle said...

Forgot to mention... there are no 7-Eleven's up here at all anymore. Those disappeared years ago!! You couldn't trade one of your kids for a banana slurpee up here either!!! :D LOL

.charity. said...

What gorgeous backseat photos!
Now that's the kind of thing other Mum's will be envy of.....;)

Heather Landry said...

We LOVE Laurie Berkner! She's the only children's musician that I can stand. I'm going to admit that I sing along too. Especially to We are the Dinosaurs, and I Love my Rooster. LOL

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Your kiddos are super cute, and Brodee's not half bad either. LOL

Heather Landry said...

Mispelled Brobee. My 5 year old will be so disappointed. LOL