Monday, July 20, 2009


This is my beautiful niece, Ava. Isn't she adorable with that curly hair?

One of the perks of going to Virginia was that I got to see my brother, Del, and his family. My kids were thrilled to hang out with Ava. (But can you believe that Carolyn was in Michigan while I was in Virginia!!??)

Ava is 2 months older than Paizlee, so it was super cute to see them together.

I was never close to any of my cousins, so I think it would be so sweet for the kids to be close to Ava. Plus, it's just so cute to watch them all run around together. Adorable-ness quadrupled.


Patrizzia said...

That 4th picture is amazing! When are you coming to Chicago?

Carmen O. said...

Beautiful kids! Love the photos. Cousins are fun I used to write to mine all the time. Now I guess they'd tweet each other!

Michelle said...

What sweet pics!! It would be great if they were close. I have a cousin who lives in CA. We are 2nd cousins, I think. We met when we were 12. Her grandparents (my great aunt/uncle) brought her to the family reunion here on my dads side. We have been writing back and forth ever since. That is 29 years of letters (back then), now emails and facebook and all that!! I did fly out there 12 years ago to see her. It was fun.

aunt mur. said...

i'm sorry - maybe your comment should be "but carolyn was in michigan, can you believe i scheduled my vacation to come to virginia knowing carolyn wouldn't be there". turd.

that's right. i just said turd on your blog.