Thursday, July 9, 2009

... And We're Off!!

Brad had Chinese food for lunch today. And this was his fortune.

He stuck the fortune in his wallet and brought it home to me. Awww, what a guy. He is so excited for our road trip to Virginia that he can hardly stand it. The 12 hours there and 12 hours back trapped in the car with the kids isn't even phasing us. That is how excited we are.

Be back sooooooon!

(Did you like how I snuck in a little Mosh Posh in the background? The July reveal is tomorrow night!)


Michelle said...

You are so clever!!! MP sneaks.. can't wait to see tonight! I am so glad you guys are going!! You will have an awesome time!! Enjoy the drive and whatever scenery!! Have fun seeing your parents and sister!! BTW, love the fortune!! Very true!! :D

Michelle said...

Give Carolyn and your Mom a hug from the Mendens!

Michelle said...

Hope you are having an awesome time with your family. I have with Jenny today!! I know you guys will a great time!! :D

nancy said...

Hope you're having a blast! :)