Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winners Announced! + Paizlee's Birthday!

As Maddux would say, "Holy Guacamole, that's a lot of entries!" Since I couldn't pick just one winner, I decided to pick two!
The winner of the ABC silicon pan from Sillycone is... BB! Blogger BB said... OMG Pick MEEEEEE! I am going to make these and I don't even have kids... yet.(Come back in 3 weeks.) But Chris has herds of midgets at school. Can you say prize box! Hello!

The winner of the 123 pan from Sillycone is... Shaylyn! Shaylyn said... Those are awesome. I am trying to find all sorts of ways to get the alphabet into my almost 6 year old, almost kindergartener's day. He is way too busy to mess with traditional learning and I am worried! He would love these. Thanks for the awesome give-away. Shaylyn

Email me at EsteeLynn(at)gmail.com and I will get your prizes out to you!! :)

Paizlee would like to show you her new car... the Cozy Coupe. I wanted one of these sooooooo badly when I was little, so I was thrilled to live out my childhood vicariously through my precious little 2-year-old.

I can't believe that she is two. Can you believe that her hair grew that much in a year? Crazy. I miss those chubby little arms and legs.

But there is so much to enjoy now. Her curiosity. Her sweet little hugs. Her love for Maddux and Breuklyn.

Love, love, love this little girl. Happy Birthday, Paizlee!


Shaylyn said...

Oh, my gosh. I am so excited! Jackson and I did the craziest happy dance you have ever seen! Thanks you so much. I am e-mailing you right now. Thanks again, Shaylyn


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Little Paizlee! I hope you enjoy your new wheels!! Estee, she is such a doll! She has grown up alot. It's sad that they do that so quickly, isn't it?! I miss my babies, but still love all the things (most the time) that goes with them now. Congrats to the winners of the ABC molds!!

Lal said...

Happy Birthday, Paizlee! I love her little pony tails!! And what a nice car :)

Amanda Sevall said...

Sweet wheels! What an awesome birthday gift :) Looks like she enjoyed her big day! Congrats to the winners!

lifeheARTist said...

Awww! I can't believe it's been 2 years already! She looks adorable in her new *ride*. Make sure to have Brad start her early on the left hand turning thing! LOL! Happy Birthday Paizlee and congrats to the winners! : ) Donna

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners and Happy Bday to Paizlee!

shopgirlaudi said...

Such a cutie. I can't believe she driving already;) Happy Birthday Paizlee:)