Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What? Your kids don't have mustaches?

You cannot tell me that you are able to look at these pictures without at least smiling. Go ahead. Try it.

See? I told you that you couldn't do it.

My sweet sweet friend Patrizzia made these adorable felt mustaches for my kids and we have been happily playing Super Secret Super Spies ever since.

I am envisioning a Charlie Chaplin Halloween costume, don't you think?


Lal said...

LOL Those ARE cute! And those are some cute pics! I bet Mikey would find something else to do w/that moustache! LOL

Patrizzia said...

OMGosh they look freakin' adorable:). Duh, I should have made one for Paizlee as well. What color would you like hers?

I am so glad they like them.

Michelle said...

LOL Those are funny! I am glad they are having fun!! Sure looks nice out there!! Brittany used to make faces with the potato head pieces... putting on the glasses and putting the mouth piece in her mouth.

Sarah and Jack said...

Must make felt mustache immediately.

Carmen O. said...

Yep definitely got a big smile on my face! Isn't it great to dress up and pretend?