Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Most Dreaded of Days

Today is the most dreaded of all days. We are potty training Maddux. And this is how he feels about it.

I have been putting it off because he so adamantly refused to do it, but today I refuse to change one more diaper. Well, one more of his diapers anyway. Today is the day.

As of 3:00PM in whatever time zone I live in (Eastern? Central? Why can't I ever remember that?) we have had no accidents and no issues. We are living by this timer and have not ventured further than 10 feet from the bathroom.

We have created our little fort of blankets and have barricaded ourselves in with Legos, books and games. Brad took the girls on an adventure of their own for the day, so it is just us. Just me and Captain Underpants.

The timer is set to go off in 3 minutes, otherwise I would be able to share with you the recipe for these super amazing Raspberry Linzer Cookies. I guess you will have to wait until tomorrow! Hee Hee! Captain Underpants needs me... Have a great weekend!

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Carmen O. said...

All I can say is good luck! I think it's great that it is just you and him. That probably is a very good thing. Have a great weekend!

BB said...

Good luck Maddux. You can do it. Remember, the big one is the bathtub!

Michelle said...

OK, you are in the central time zone, after our conversation, I had to look it up cuz even I wasn't positive. I think it's great to have that one on one time with the kids. Ben is getting there. He tells me most times when he has to go. Hope the girls' had a good day with Dad! And... a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to little Miss Paizlee tomorrow!! :)

Lal said...

Isn't Maddux about the same age as Mikey? Four? I can't even remember how long ago I started potty training Mikey. Maybe like a year ago? And the peeing thing was not that all. Only took a couple of days of doing the "taking him to the bathroom every 15 mins" thing. Now the pooping in the potty. THAT was hard! For whatever reason, Mikey REFUSED to go poop in the potty even though he knew when he had to and would go hide in the same place every time. I literally had to keep and eagle eye on him and any time he disappeared and I found him in his "spot", I'd check his pullup and if there was nothing in there yet, I'd RUN him to the potty and sit him there in hopes he'd "go". For a while, he wouldn't but would poop in his pullup the minute I took him off the potty and put his pants back on. After one particular time of sitting there and SCREAMING...yes, he screamed, cried, the whole nine yards that he was afraid ect, ect, he FINALLY pooped in the potty and I made such a HUGE deal out of it, took him to Toys R Us for a new toy, told him how proud we were. We did this twice..with the taking him to buy a toy thing and after that...pooped in the potty EVERY time. He still wears a pullup over night "just in case" (I don't want a peed mattress), but he always wakes up dry. Good luck with Maddux. I'm sure he'll do great :)

shopgirlaudi said...

Good luck with the potty training:)

Estee said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments!! Today was a huge success! Tomorrow could be awful, but today was great!

Lal - Maddux is 3-1/2, so yeah, he is waaaaaay too old to not be potty trained. Whenever we would try he would just pee all over the floors just to prove to us that he didn't want to be potty trained. It got old, FAST. So I waited. :) I have to say, I am glad that I waited because today was EASY. :)

How is Mikey??? I haven't checked out your new layouts in forever! I need to get caught up!!! :)

KariAnnS said...

Good luck!!! I suppose I should start thinking about training Scout. Ah- I have time :)