Monday, December 22, 2008

21 Sticks of Butter Later...

The baking is done! Well, for now. There will be more baking for Christmas Eve. I know that you are shocked, don't lie. Santa will need fresh cookies, right?

We spent the day delivering cookies to people that we love (and a neighbor that we don't). Brad took cookies to his employees and returned home with empty platters, which is a very good sign. 13 different kinds of cookies. 21 sticks of butter. 15.5 hours of baking. 780 cookies. 5 minutes for the Shipping and Receiving Department to empty two huge platters. 364 more days until Baking Day 2009!

Maddux is counting down the days as well.

We brought cookies to Nan and the caregivers at the Alzheimer's Facility. Nan was happy today. It was a very good day.

Lots of hugs. Lots of love.

Speaking of love... the kids got a box of Christmas gifts from my mom and dad today. Paizlee was the very happy recipient of a stuffed kitten. The perfect gift. She also got a tea set, so she has been feeding the cat tea.

That poor cat won't sleep a wink tonight.

It's almost Christmas, are you ready?


hydee said...

Oh my gosh, your cookies are amazing. I wish I was your neighbor. tee hee. I actually made your rolo cookies and I am going to attemp the snickerdoodles today per request from my hubby. Thank you so much for letting us in on all your baking goodness. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Michelle said...

Holy Cow, Estee! That is ALOT of cookies! It all looks so good! Mine are 1/2 gone! (and I made about 6 different kinds of cookies) you, lots were given away. I am so glad your grandma loved them! It is such a sweet picture of her with the kids. Ben does the same as Paizlee with the little stuffed animals - hugs them to death.. Have a very Merry Christmas!! ~Michelle

Lal said...

WOW! That's a TON of cookies!! I'm drooling! I mustered up enough motivation to make two kinds of cookies today...some chocolate ones with peanut butter chips, and some Polvorones which are basically nothing but shortening and flour, covered cinnamon/sugar. Oh, you take THE BEST pics! I know I've said that before, but you really do!! LOVE the pics of Paizlee with the kitten!! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas :)

shopgirlaudi said...

OMG!!! All those cookies look SO yummy. I'm drooling;)

Glad you had a nice day with Nan. Everyone looks very happy.

Have a Merry Christmas, Estee:)

Carmen O. said...

That is a LOT of cookies! Here I thought I was doing good, since I baked more than I have in awhile. I wanted to bake more yesterday but came down with the flu, Tim has it today. I'm just boiling some eggs so I can eat something after not eating for one day. Hope your Christmas is Fabulous!!

Paizlee is so cute with that kitten!