Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maddux's Favorite Joke

(Courtesy of BB, my college roommate)

Me: Oh, Maddux! Knock Knock!!
Maddux: Who's there? (starts giggling already)
Me: Impatient Cow
Maddux: Impatient Co-----
Me: (interrupting him) MOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Maddux then collapses in giggles. It is so easy to entertain him.


BB said...

This brings me ENDLESS joy. You have no idea. Seriously, best joke ever. I think Maddux has a future in comedy.

Chris wanted me to mention that he has had the good fortune to hear this joke everyday for the last 9 years. That man has no idea how good he has it.

Lal said...

LOL I think it's funny too!! Love his glasses!

Charlotte said...

hehehe! how cute and that adorable photo too!