Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Smartest Kid in the Class

Breuklyn: Mom, I have a new friend and he is the smartest kid in the class.

Me: Oh, yeah? Who is your new friend?

B: His name is Noah.

M: That sounds like a nice name. Is he in your class?

B: Yes, but he doesn't sit at my table. He sits at the red table with Luke.

M: So, why is Noah is the smartest?

B: (Looking incredulous) Um, because his name says so.

M: (Stares blankly)

B: (Rolling her eyes) Mom! His name is Noah. He knows everything. Get it? He know-ahs everything.

M: Wow. You Kindergartners really do know everything.

B: My name should have been Noah.


Carmen O. said...

OMG how funny! I read this to Noah this morning and he was like pshhh and walks back into the kitchen. Gotta love kids and their take on things.

Melissa said...

LOL! :) You and your kids have the BEST conversations.

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL...too funny. Maybe his name should be Know-all...hee hee

Melissa S said...

That is crack me up funnY! She is going to be quite the writer when she grows up just like you!

Jane said...

LOL!!!! kids are amazing aren't they???