Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reducing the "Holler" factor

It's soccer time again at our house. Breuklyn is all ready to go for another season. Our soccer league is trying out some sort of new system. I was reading on the website this morning trying to understand the changes that will be implemented. My favorite part was this:
"By having a manager instead of a coach during games the manager is less likely
to try to coach from the sidelines during the game, reducing the “holler”
, reducing confusion of the player, and returning the game to the kids by
just letting them play."

The holler factor. I knew I loved soccer.


Melissa said...

LOL. What exactly is a "holler" factor?

Estee said...

Hi Melissa! Apparently the "holler" factor is when the coach "hollers" across the field to the players.

My dear southern husband thinks I am being a huge.big.snob since I think holler is a hillbilly word. I have never, and will never, say the word holler in a conversation, so I will continue to think it is hysterical. :)

Lal said...

"Holler" factor...hmm...I wonder if I can have this apply at home? :)

Melissa S said...

Oh come on already! I actually like when the coaches yell at the makes me look better:)
Now Holler..that is a freaky sounding word....:)

Elizabeth said...

I completely agree... holler is truly hillbilly word... but, then again, I am a yankee living in the south... :-)

Anyway, I think that there is nothing wrong with coaches yelling at the kids... as long as it's not profane or anything... we all got yelled at growing up and it never hurt us... and for goodness sake, you want a soccer match to be quiet... come on... how exciting would the Olympics be if no one could yell? Seriously??? :-)