Saturday, August 23, 2008

Priorities to look for in a man...

(conversation this morning)

Me: (as I am sorting out laundry) Did you have any issues with the bow on your new shirt?
Breuklyn: No. My boyfriend tied it for me when it came undone.


Me: Um, hello? You have a boyfriend?
Breuklyn: Yes. His name is Cold.
Me: Doubtful.
Breuklyn: No, his name is Cold. I asked him.
Me: Cole?
Breuklyn: Yes, Cold, that's what I said.

-Thoroughly at a loss as to where the conversation goes now-

Me: So... you like Cold, I mean, Cole?
Breuklyn: Um, yes! I told you, he can tie bows. That is amazing.
Me: I guess that would be a big deal.
Breuklyn: He is very amazing. But he doesn't have any hair.
Me: No hair?
Breuklyn: No. None. (looking thoughtful) It is kinda weird, but he can tie bows.
Me: It sounds like a tough decision for you. Good luck with that.


Carmen O. said...

Oh my how cute! I love that you keep your conversations. I can't wait to see the LO for this. And a boyfriend already, sheesh she's only been in school how long :D.

Patrizzia said...

Oh I can't wait for those days... :)

You have been tagged. Check out my blog.

Melissa said...

How absolutely adorable! Your kids really say the cutest things.

shopgirlaudi said...

Hee hee...Breuklyn is too funny. My dd has not had a "boyfriend" yet...or she just won't admit to it;)

Melissa S said...

I looooove following on your blogs...your kids say the cutest things! Glad you are feeling better.....:)

Lal said...

Cute! I need to try to remember to record things like this too!

Lal said...

Cute! I need to try to remember to record things like this too!

scrappinJen said...

Estee, Seriously, you CAN write!!!!!

Leah said...

too cute!