Sunday, April 27, 2008

Darby's Day Out

This is Darby. Darby Barbie. Since Breuklyn got a Barbie/Doll House for her birthday and all of the accompanying Barbies to fill the house, I have been finding Miss Darby in the most bizarre locations. Here is Darby sitting precariously on her fingertips while watching Brad remove the 4(!) wasp nests that have magically appeared in the window frame. Doesn't she look intrigued? Or maybe she's feeling a little miffed that Breuklyn didn't bring her along to the soccer/golf/t-ball pandemonium that is taking place in the backyard. Those Darby's... so tough to keep entertained. She'd better watch out though because in about 17 minutes, Maddux is going to try to bury her in a hole that he so kindly dug just for her.

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Brook said...

Ah... fond memories. I was a Barbie fanatic as a child, until the age of about 13 when I only played with them in secrecy for fear of being "uncool". I hope I have a daughter someday so I can relive my "Darby" days! :)