Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Breuklyn: Mommy, are you a knock-turtle?

Me: Um... not that I am aware of. Why?

Breuklyn: Because when everyone else goes to bed, you are still awake.

Me: Yes, that is true. Oh, wait a minute... nocturnal?

Breuklyn: Knock-turtle, that's what I said.

Me: Sadly, I don't get to sleep all day long.

Breuklyn: Oh yeah. You can sleep during naptime though, you must be a knock-turtle.

Me: Or maybe I just love taking naps.


Lal said...

Ha,ha...that's funny!

Leah said...

too cute. lol.

Carmen said...

OMG this conversation is just too cute!