Friday, August 24, 2007

Have you seen my forks??

While finishing dinner last night, I realized that we are missing some forks. 2 of them. This number corresponds to the number of sneaky sneaky children that I have (Paizlee is too young to be sneaky... yet) and I am thinking that my forks have been stolen. I also think that this picture proves just how sneaky my children are. You can see the sneakiness.

Brad, of course, thinks that I have misplaced them. I am shocked. Shocked and hurt that he would think that I could have lost our silverware.

I give him my most incredulous look and say, "Why would you assume that it was me?"

He asks, "Where are the steak knives?"

Me: "Ummm.... "

Brad: "Exactly. You have somehow managed to lose 4 steak knives. And what about that spoon that you found buried in the bag of flour the other day? That has been missing for months!"

M: "I think it is a conspiracy. Someone is systematically stealing our silverware one piece at a time."

B: "Why only one piece at a time?"

M: Rolling my eyes. "Obviously they think I won't notice if they steal them one at a time."

B: "Clearly someone is out to get you."

M: "That's what I'm saying."


Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture of my little ones..They are just growing up way to fast!!!

Melissa S said...

He He He.....that is a sneaky picture..and Paizlee she is just along for the ride looking like "what the heck is going on??" You are like me...3 against 2.

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL...funny...Check the trash can. When the boys were smaller they were ALWAYS throwing away the silverware!!! That's when we decided to invest in some cheaper, more "disposeable" silverware for just such instances. My daughter has never done it, but yesterday we were at my mom's and Eliah threw his fork in the trash can:(

Love the pic:)

BB said...

ooooo they *do* look sneaky
I bet they hid the forks in Paizlee's room since they are sneaky and knew you would never suspect her.

Heather said...

They look sneaky alright! LOL I bet they are hiding it and planning a revolt. Serves you right for making them eat their vegetables!

outnumbered said...

You're too funny! In my case, it seems ot be our bowls that keep dissapearng; have your children been to CA lately???