Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No one wins anything by sticking fingers up their nose.

Maddux is obsessed with his nose. It isn't pretty.

His nose was the first body part that he was capable of correctly identifying. He would walk around pointing at the middle of his face repeating, "My nose" over and over and over again. He found great amusement in sneaking up on Brad (after he had fallen asleep on the couch) and grabbing onto Brad's nose. This would lead to Brad jumping up off the couch in sheer horror because he had no clue what was happening. He was not amused. (I was.) I, personally, believe that Maddux loves his nose because it contains the word "no." This is, however, just a theory.

Maddux has long mastered a very long list of words, can count to ten and can name all of the body parts. Yet, he is still obsessed with his nose. When I went in to rescue him from his crib this morning (he flat out refuses to sleep in the big boy bed) he was sitting there with his two index fingers jammed into his nostrils and was trying to blow them out. He grinned at me. "Please don't do that," I said. "But Mommy!" he countered, "I lub my nose!" We spent a long time washing his hands before breakfast.

He tried to teach Breuklyn this game, but she has blissfully pointed out that it isn't a game. "You can't win," she says. This is a very good point. No one wins anything by sticking fingers up their nose. I think this would make an excellent bumper sticker.


shopgirlaudi said...

LOL...very funny:)

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, mainly because I now have yours, this is fab writing honey, you made me laugh so hard this morning I ended up snorting cornflakes, love the momsense video and the way you write, adding you to my fave blogs, so I know where to come when I need cheering up xxx

BB said...

If you want Maddux to keep his fingers out of his nose, just tell him that if he puts his fingers in his nose, his nostrils will shrink up and they might get stuck in there forever!