Saturday, August 25, 2007

Watch out for those tomatoes!

Last night we had some wicked storms. They came absolutely out of nowhere, but after having 15 days this month of 100+ weather, we were grateful for some rain. (I heard this statistic on the news this morning, I promise I am not Rainman in training who is capable of keeping track of random facts) Brad's friend, Craig, called this morning to ask if we had any damage to our house. Huh? I know it was storming, but as far as I can tell, no rooms are missing or anything. Apparently, there was a tornado last night. Crazy.

When we went grocery shopping, we saw the damage done by the tornado. It tore the roofs of of the Days Inn and Ramada and toppled the signs (those huge signs that you can see from the interstate) of the Super 8 and the Huddle House. Praise the lord that the Starbucks was spared. :)

Breuklyn was busy singing, "I need to fly away and live with the giraffes!" in the back seat and wasn't much interested in the conversation that Brad and I were having until she saw all of the destruction. "What happened??" she asks incredulously. "Well... You know how we had all of those storms last night?" I was trying to make it kid-friendly information. "Sometimes the wind gets so strong that it makes a tornado and ..." "WHAT??!!??" she yells, "Tomatoes did this? I can't believe it!! How many tomatoes? I don't like tomatoes!!"

So... yes... please watch out for those tomatoes.


Jane said...

craked me up!!! LOL!! I never knew those tomatoes could be so dangerous!! It's the killer tomatoes!! Actually though, I'm glad you didn't have any damage and everyone is safe!!

Melissa S said...

Oh My word Estee...where do you live? Crazy! He He though...right out of the mouths of babes..I love it! Breuklyn is sooo dang cute!

BB said...

Remember that show attack of the killer tomatoes?

Heather said...

First, I'm so glad you are safe. Second, I'm going to throw out all of my tomatoes NOW! Who knew they were so scary! Thanks for the warning! LOL

outnumbered said...

I don't like those mean old tomatoes either Breuklyn!