Sunday, October 21, 2012

October is almost OVER

I wait all year for October.  All year.  Truly.  I know, I know... that's slightly bizarre.  But good things always happen in October.  It's one of the things that I can count on.  Death, taxes and that amazing things happen in October.

This month has been full of happiness and pumpkin patches.  We have eaten pumpkin cupcakes at least three times. Plus, pumpkin cookies.  And maybe even some pumpkin fudge.  Yeah... I should have been running behind the hayride just to burn off all of these pumpkin related calories, but I don't think that's allowed. 

I have so many amazing recipes that I need to share.  Pinterest is a labyrinth of recipes and I have had more explode all over my oven that behave appropriately.  Therefore, I feel the need to share my successes.  I will start tomorrow with my Butterfinger Cookie Bake-off.  Two recipes.  One winner. 

I know.  You can barely stand the suspense, can you?

Try to contain yourself.  And go out and buy some Butterfinger candy bars.  You will thank me later.

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Michelle said...

I love all of your recipes. Quite a few have been added to my arsenal. Oh Pinterest... it is a good and bad thing. I have so many recipes pinned. Have tried quite a few too. I love the new pic of you and the munchkins. :)