Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New-ish Chapter and Other General Vagueness

Are you ready?  I am going to pretend like I have been posting the whole time without a lapse. And then I am going to make a vague generality while attempting to sound very deep and genius-esque...

I am standing on the edge of a very big change and beginning to really like the way that it feels.

This kid, the daredevil in a blue dress, starts Kindergarten this year.  I won't lie, there will be sadness. Just as there was sadness when each of them left for school and when I ceased to be the one that held their wondering attention for hours upon hours.  After that first day, they came home bursting with stories of new friends and the unending knowledge of their teacher.  I was faced with, "Mom, you know how to spell my spelling words? Are you sure?  Maybe we should check with Mrs. Moore to make sure you are doing it right."

But with Paizlee, it feels different.  She is my last little monster at home.  She is my final attempt at instilling my children with all the goodness in the world before sending her out to get her feelings hurt or having her self-esteem tried upon a daily basis.  Oh, man. I am going to be one huge big ugly mess on the first day of school. In Paizlee's defense, she is braver than all of us put together and she will be more than fine, but I will still be a huge big ugly mess because that is my right as a mother.  That and calling dibs on getting to be first controller for Super Mario Brothers.

So, with all the spare time that I will have on my hands now that I won't have to follow Paizlee around with bubble wrap and bandages, I will get to reshape my days.  Oh, the soap operas and bon bons that will be in my future... oh, wait, that was last year.

I suppose while I am figuring out what next year will look like (especially since I just quit my soul sucking job, gasp!) I will hang out with the monsters.  I am good, no, great with that until I come up with my next genius-esque idea. 

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Michelle said...

Hey there.. I am right there with you in this department. Paiz goes to school in a few weeks! *gasp* I can't believe it! Ben is right behind and going off to school in a few months. It's not year-round school up here. Does it sound bad that I am dreading it?? My very last baby too. People trying to change him to the way they want. Bullying. (we have had a bought of that in our neighborhood with a kid). I am not ready for this and I am right there with you, in spirit, when Paiz goes to school. I will be a huge mess too. While it is not following him around with bubble wrap and bandages, it is the messes. He is a one man wrecking ball. He can drag out every single toy in .3 seconds! He is loud. But, he is so damn cute, with the most creative, vivid imagination. I will miss listening to all the things he comes up with. I totally understand how you are feeling. I will be thinking of you!!!