Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lessons Learned

We survived Maddux's first year of football. Just in case you are wondering, I did not rush the field or yell anything embarrassing. Shocking, I know. But I did learn a few things...

1. Just because he was the smallest kid on the team did not mean that he couldn't be tough. Please remember that this was the kid dangling from the side view mirror on his first day of Kindergarten because he didn't want to go. He has also been known to cry when someone looks at him weird. This kid was a whole new kid. This was Maddux 2.0. He flattened kids that were a whole head taller. It was *awesome.*

2. Just because he is tough, doesn't mean that I am. I tend to go all mother bear when something is said about my kid. Brad says my mean, outraged face is quite entertaining. At least he thought so until I turned it on him.

3. White football pants have to be the most stupid idea on the face of the planet.

4. Little boys in football pads have to be the cutest thing on the face of the planet.

5. Watching football on television, or even in a stadium is way easier than on a field with ten thousand little kids running around. I spent a lot of time saying, Where did he go? Do you see him? Did he do something good? The fact that they were Cowboys for the first half of the season until their Packers jerseys came in didn't help matters.

6. The dentist will automatically get you in that day when you tell them that your kid knocked his teeth out at football practice.

Never a dull moment at our house. Brad is now trying to convince him to try out wrestling. I can't be concerned with that, I am trying to secure enough bubble wrap for Paizlee to start gymnastics.


Beverly said...

Love the Momma Bear trait! Makes you a great Mom. Having girls, we dealt with soccer and having white soccer shorts is another dum idea!

Heather Landry said...

He knocked his teeth out? Holy moly! Brandon can forget playing football now. LOL

Chasity Grace said...

Love to see you blogging again!!!

Sheila said...

Hi Estee! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster blog award---check out my blog http://parttimepretties.blogspot.com/ for details! Hope it increases your blog traffic!