Saturday, December 5, 2009

Take Two of the 12 Days of Cookies!!

The windows in my kitchen are all fogged over. That could only mean one thing. Well, it could actually mean quite a few things, but since it is December and there is also the distinct smell of Andes Mints, it definitely means that my oven is working overtime baking Christmas cookies. Last year I posted my 12 Days of Cookies and this year I have a few new ones to add. Since it is already December 5th, I had better get posting!

Day 1 : Raspberry Linzer Cookies

These would be so sweet with little Christmas trees in the center.

Day 2: Brown Sugar Praline Cookies

Day 3: Peanut Butter Milk Dud Cookies

Day 4: Orange Slice Cookies

These are amazing. I think that these would be fantastic with gumdrops substituted for the orange slices. Red and green gumdrops would look perfect. This recipe makes about 8 dozen cookies (Courtney!!) so they would be fantastic for a Christmas Cookie exchange.

Day 5: The Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie

I wouldn't freeze the Orange Slice Cookie Dough, but the other 4 would be perfect for freezing. All that you need to do is complete the cookie up to the point where you roll them into balls (or just wrap all of the dough in Saran Wrap and put in a Ziploc bag for the Linzer Cookies) and then freeze individually on a plate in the freezer. Once they are frozen, transfer to a Ziploc bag and leave in the freezer for up to 3 months. The night before you are ready to bake, put the frozen dough in the refrigerator. They will be ready when you are. It's a great way to take off some of the pressure of holiday baking.

What are you baking this year?


happydays525 said...

those andes mint cookies are going to be tested here for sure, thanks for the recipes!

Vel said...

Holy oleo, Batman! These look amazing! I don't know if I should thank you or throw something at you...I'm trying to cut back over here. ;)

Carmen O. said...

These look so yummy! I'm so behind on cookies and decorating. School is over for the semester, but I have a craft sale coming up soooo it maybe a little bit yet before I get to baking.

Michelle said...

I have been making those Andes Mint cookies for the past 10 years!! LOVE them!! BTW...did you find boxes of mints?? Up here, all the stores have had are the bits/chips!! Made them this weekend, as well as some ginger snaps. Have to get out that cookie press and get my spritz made. Also making peanut butter with the kiss candies, choc. crinkles and thinking I need to stalk your past posts to see what yummy ones you have.. looking for a few new ones this year!! ;) I was wondering if you started your cookies yet! :D Doing your big bake day with your sis this year?? Hope you had an awesome weekend!! :)

Michelle said...

Forgot to say.. I love your new header to your blog!! Very cool!! :)

Michelle said...

I just have to say... I made the Rolo Cookies!!! OMG!!! SO GOOD!! I had to hurry up and pack them away before I ate them all!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful cookies recipes!!! :)

Jane said...

holy moly, these look amazing!! Merry Christmas!!

prashant said...

thank you or throw something at you...I'm trying to cut back over here. ;
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