Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why, Hello there!

What an amazing week! I love, love, love it when Carolyn is here. We spent the entire week gossiping, giggling and talking nonstop. It was fantastic. The kids loved having Aunt Mur around to play with. Breuklyn even got to have a special Breuklyn & Aunt Mur day. Priceless.

So... what did we actually accomplish, you ask?

We had a big birthday party for Paizlee complete with ginormous cupcake-cake. Yum.

We planted some Easter grass to use as decoration for some glitter eggs.

We made beads out of salt dough. What? You don't make your own jewelry? Carolyn and I had a Salt Dough Jewelry Throwdown.

We played with sidewalk chalk. Um, hello super cute striped leggings!

We painted our salt dough beads. (I will have a blog about this later this week. You MUST try this)
And then my dad flew in from Virginia! (Boy were his arms tired) He gave Breuklyn lots of tips for softball.
In just a few days, the Easter grass grew! Well, it is really Rye grass, but I am calling it Easter grass. I am just dying to use my scissors to give it a little trim. Hee Hee!

AND I made a mini-album for my 29 goals for my 29th year. This is my favorite project of all time. Love it.

That's what I have been up to, what about you?? My dad flies home tomorrow and then school starts back on Monday after 2 weeks of Spring Break. We will be right back into the thick of things and all I can think about is a road trip to Virginia to see my family!


meganklauer said...

Lovin the grass idea and I am definately going to be checkin back for more salt bead info. My kids would love this!

shopgirlaudi said...

Wow!!! 2 weeks of Spring Break...our kids only get one...although I think that's kind of a blessing;)

Love the grass. Too cute. Looks like you all had a busy and fun break:) Lots of really cool, fun stuff:)

Carmen O. said...

Sounds like the perfect week to me!

lifeheARTist said...

Very COOL! I've got to give the easter grass idea a whirl and will definitely check back for your salt dough recipe. Kaydee is all about making jewelry lately & would love this project! Sounds like you had a terrific Spring break. Very fun! : )

Michelle said...

I am glad you had a fun time with your sis! Sure can tell you two are related!! :) So, who won the throwdown? I hope Paizlee had a fun birthday! The cake is awesome.

Courtney said...

Two weeks of spring break?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow how nice!!! Your pictures are awesome!

sarah_n said...

Ok, I'm dying to see the 29 book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lal said...

WOW! TWO weeks of Spring Break!?! Lij only has one, but he has one extra day off before it starts then the weekend, plus the one full week off...yeah, that's too many days! LOL JK Sounds like you and Carolyn had a good time! I was wondering where you were and why you hadn't blogged! I was beginning to worry! :)

Michelle said...

Hey Estee, I am with Sarah on this one too!! Would love to see the new mini album... :)