Tuesday, February 24, 2009


While browsing the flower selection at our grocery store yesterday, Breuklyn and I were discussing the pros and cons of the different flowers. I love tulips. They are my ultimate favorite flower. Breuklyn thought that the pale pink carnations were the best.

"Really?" I asked, "Those are the flowers that you would choose out of all of these? There are lilies, roses, tulips, gladiolas, alstroemerias, Gerbera daisies and even daffodils. Don't you think that anything would be better than those super lame flowers?"

"No." she said firmly "I like the tarnations the very best."

My redneck in-laws would be so proud.


Michelle said...

Oh Estee, that is funny!

Carmen O. said...

So cute! I like tulips, lilies of the valley, Gerber Daisies, Daffodils...too many to list. Tarnations aren't so bad...they've got all those pretty ruffles!

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL...maybe it's the name that she liked so much;)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Too cute!!! Tulips are my favorite also. By the way, I'm surrounded by rednecks here in NC and we totally would get beauty of "tarnations"! lol!

Amanda Sevall said...

Too adorable! Hope you scrap that pic + story soon - so stinkin cute!