Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Easter Decorations... Found!

This week over at I wrote my column all about the things that I can remember and the things that I constantly forget. I wrote the column because I had lost my Easter decorations. A ginormous see-through storage container and I couldn't find it. Well, the drama has ended... the Easter decorations have been found. We are now decorated for Easter. I am only, um, a few, um, weeks early.

I love my mantle above the fireplace for two reasons. 1. It gives me some great space to add some fun seasonal touches. 2. The kids can't touch whatever it is that I put up there. I love that.

I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have rescued these two glittery bunnies from a most certain destruction. Maddux has been using them as drivers for his fire truck. I always see their little ears as they zoom past on their way to save someone from perilous danger.

Carrots. Lots of different textures and shades of orange.

Embroidered felted Easter eggs.

My Easter tree. I love the vintage garland and all of the funky bunnies, carrots and eggs that are on there. It makes me happy. Brad thinks it is totally weird. This makes it more appealing, hee hee!!

And I hid this little caterpillar in the branches of the tree. He makes me happy too.

What kind of Easter decorations do you have?


julie.schellin said...

Easter?!? When is it this year? I need to get past Valentine's Day, then St. Patty' should be AFTER that right?

Love your decorations though. With cute stuff like that, I might be tempted to start early. :)

Lal said...

A cute Easter decorations! I don't have any...I don't think! No, I don't! lol Sadly, even if I did, I have no place to put anything where Mikey wouldn't get his hands on them! Love that little catterpiller..did I even spell that right? IDK, I have a headache! BTW, LOOOOVE the tulips. My FAVE to Gerber Daisies :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE your tulips! Sorry to say, I have no Easter Decor. Sad, I know. I have a big tote full of those large handled Easter baskets, plastic eggs and Easter grass that I end up cleaning up for months. But, I love Spring, the colors, flowers and decor (just don't have any! :) ) Glad you found them. Did you find your necklace? :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

I have a burning desire to decorate for all holidays...but, alas, I never get around to it. I LOVE getting to revel in your adorable decorations...thanks for sharing! P.S. Especially love the felt eggs!!

Courtney said...

A few "um" weeks early?! LOL...I love it!!!!!!!!! You won't be tired of Easter decorations by the time Easter gets here in April, will you?! By the way, the comment about the bunny ears zooming by in Maddux's truck made me literally 'LOL'! So funny!! (By the way, did you buy those felted eggs, or make them yourself? I love them!)

Jane said...

you have some really awesome Easter stuff!! no wonder you were frazzeled about not finding glad they turned up!!!

shopgirlaudi said...

I have two little bunnies too, but mine are chocolate bunnies. They seriously look good enough to eat. I also have a little stuffed chocolate bunny that dh bought me 2 years ago, and it smells just like chocolate!!! So YUMMY. Then there are my mommy and daughter bunnies that go by my grandfather clock in the entry. LOVE those guys.

Not sure when I'll be putting out my Easter decorations...When is Easter anyway???...;)

Juliana said...

You ARE ready for Easter aren't you!!! Love your decorations!
I have mine in one of those see through containers too, but I am pretty sure I know where it is!!! LOL!!!
I really enjoyed catching up and reading your last few posts!
Lovin' all your V-day projects!!!
And congrats on making the Bella DT!!!

Heather said...

Estee! You are sooo crafty! I love all of your Easter decorations, but the one I love most is the tree that annoys Brad. LOL I'm so glad you found them!

I'm off to clean up around here. I'm ashamed to admit I don't even HAVE Easter decorations. I was laughing out loud about Maddux's rescue bunnies.