Friday, December 5, 2008

My Self-Esteem is Fantastic Today, Thanks for Asking

Reason #1 :
(Playing a game with Maddux and Paizlee in the car while waiting for Breuklyn)
Me: What do cows says?
Me: What do cats say?
Me: What do monsters say?
Kids: Grrrr!!
Me: What does Mommy say?
Maddux: Don't touch that!!!!!

Reason #2 :
(I hate that manufacturers make low-rise jeans for little girls, it is insane)
Me: Breuklyn, you have got to pull your pants up. I can see your underbumps.
Breuklyn: (whines) I can't help it!
Me: Well, just pull them up. Just enough so that I can't see the Disney Princesses ballooned out over the top of your jeans.
Breuklyn: (Pulls her pants practically up to her armpits) There!
Me: Ummmm...
Breuklyn: What's wrong? That's how you wear them!

Sooooo... according to my kids, I say stereotypical mom things and wear mom jeans? Sigh.


Carmen O. said...

OMG how hilarious! Kids you gotta love them huh?

I finally found Andes mints so hopefully by tomorrow I will have made them. I should be doing it tonight, but still am a bit under the weather.

Amanda Sevall said...

Too funny! Leave it to your kids to keep ya honest, right?! What a cute pic too :)

Lal said...

OH, that is so funny! I just recently got out of the low rise jeans because I hated bending over...which with a little kid, you do alot I found some jeans at Wal Mart that weren't that "high" but definately not low rise and I really love them. Now I can bend over with confidence! LOL Wait...that did NOT sound right! :)

3left Feet said...

oh its ok.... seriously!

One of my kids in my Wednesday night class came up to me and patted my tummy and said.. "Miss Susie are you preawganat??" =/

Or the time when another one taps on the arm and says 'your fat!' I looked at the little darling and said.. 'your short'... yeah I totally agree with you.... most of the girls in my kids church wear those jeans... I've seen more crack this year than a NARC! I swear all I say is 'put your dress down' and 'pull your pants up'...humm... what to do, right?