Monday, December 29, 2008

The Aftermath

I think that Santa spent as much money on batteries this year as he did on the toys, or rather, the salary for the elves. Breuklyn thinks that the elves get paid in candy canes, though, so I suppose that the point is moot.

Paizlee opened one present this year. One. Yes, that is correct. She opened the baby doll stroller that Breuklyn had picked out for her and that was it. Breuklyn and Maddux were more than willing to help out with the rest.

Maddux picked out a Soccer Coach Barbie for Breuklyn's Christmas present. Breuklyn gave Maddux a huge hug. Maddux then replied, "I love you, Breuklyn. You are my best friend." Such sweetness in such little packages.

One Barbie House, one ridiculously large dinosaur (that Brad says is the best.thing.ever), one Little People town, one really loud airport and about a gazillion other little toys later... Christmas is over.

To say that I am sad in an understatement. I miss the excitement. In protest, I am refusing to take down the Christmas tree. I can practically see through the tree at this point, but I need to have a few more nights of twinkly lights before I take it down. It was just such a perfect December.

How was your Christmas?


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday! Here we had one sick hubby, one snuggly baby boy in his fleece footy pj's from Children's Place who was very happy with all his trains (Thomas is big at our house now). We had one happy girl with all of her new Am Girl stuff, another happy barely adult aged daughter (which by the way is weird to wake up and not have her here. Sad! She is on her own now). She loved her household stuff on a xmas tree I found for her on clearance. Lots of cookies eaten and lots of ham eaten too! I love the pics of the kids and it is so sweet to hear those comments from/to them. Great memories... I think the tree can hold out a few more days. Have a wonderful New Year, Estee!

Lal said...

Aw, what sweet pics! And what a great idea to have the kids pick gifts for each other! I'm going to have my kids do that next year. We had a nice Christmas...the kids got some cool toys :) The best gift I got was partial use of my right foot again!! :)

Chasity Grace said...

the kids are so cute in their matching pj's

Melissa S said...

Ooo those cheeks on Paizlee are sooo cute!!! Me too..I am holding off on taking everything down..I think the house looks so warm and cozy wit all the decorations....