Friday, November 14, 2008

Maddux Says + Winners!

Overheard this evening:

Breuklyn: Maddux! We should build a super secret fort in your room. Just for kids, no grown-ups.

Maddux: Yes! And we should turn off the 'lectricity and use the dark-tricity instead because then we can use flashlights!


Lal (I will convince you to love glitter!), Melissa S and Susan are the winners of the Pink Paislee Pixee Stix! YAY!!! Send me an email: EsteeLynn (at) and I will mail them to you on Monday. (and let me know if you have a color preference!)

Have a great weekend everyone! Anything fun planned?


Melissa S said...

YEah I won! Off to email you! I love the darktricity!!!

Susie G. said...

I think Maddux has the right idea!

We always played hide and go seek in the dark talk about FUN! And only "IT" got the flashlight! Sadly I'm in my 20's and still play H&S in the dark!

bahh.. plans who needs those? catching up on sleep is the only plan I have right now! :)