Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Season Finale of Project Runway!

I love, love, love Leanne Marshall. I think she should definitely win. Her design aesthetic is amazing and I like her as a person.

I'm counting down over here! Who do you want to win?


Susan said...

Hey Estee,

I'm with you Leeann should win. She isn't overbearing or rude and I love almost all of her clothes. Can't wait for ti=onight to see who wins.

Tara said...

as long as it's not kenley~~~!!! ha... i'm an addict as well! can't wait for tonight!

Chasity Grace said...

cant wait!!! although im sad the season is ending!!! im hoping that korto wins, but i just dont want it to be kinley.

NJStampinMom / "Lynn" said...

of course now I know your girl won! WHOOO HOO!!! :)