Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things This Week

New long sleeved shirts. Mums. Funky pumpkins.

Trees changing color. Road

Hay baling. Taking pictures while

Bucolic scenes while driving

Iced Chai Latte and a molasses cookie. What was that? Oh, yes.

Super cute could possibly make me look 13-years-old shoes.

Watching the Bumbleagles rock it out with another win. Ponytails with Halloween ribbons flying in the wind.
Mocha M&Ms, diet Coke and the Across the Universe soundtrack on my iPod. Driving with all the windows down.

Loving my life.


shopgirlaudi said...

I LOVE driving with the windows down...and alone:) What is that thingie your iPod is sitting in??? How does that work??? Is it like a dock??? Too many questions??? ;)

I gotta try those M&Ms. They look YUMMMY:P

Oh...I LOVE Brueklyn's top!!! It's too cute. Where's it from??? :)

Estee said...

Hey Es! Thanks for the comment. :)

The iPod thing is a dock. It plays my iPod through the radio and is waaaayyyyy better than the ones that first came out. I never, ever listen to the radio, always my iPod, so the car dock thing is a necessity at my house. I love it.

Breuklyn's top is from Osh Kosh. Isn't it cute? It actually matches the skirt and she has a matching sweater. I love matching pieces for outfits.

Definitely get some M&Ms! They are yummy!

Thanks again for the comment, I love it when you and Lal stop by! Have a great weekend!!

Carmen O. said...

Love the pic of your kiddos! Actually love all the pix. Isn't it wonderful actually being able to do stuff alone at times?

Lal said...

I'm loving your life right now too!! LOL What is that yourself?? Don't know it! LOL BTW, love the pic of the kids!! And the one of you in the rearview mirror!

Melissa S said...

ooo great shot of you in the mirror!!! I love those Molasses cookies from Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Does it count as a road trip if there isn't a road??? :-) Where the heck were you driving... looks like a the middle of a field... :-)