Friday, October 24, 2008

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Maddux: Holy cow!! Can you believe that I can lift this? This is the befungus-est pumpkin in the whooooole place and it's mine!

A Paizlee sized pumpkin. Her favorite pumpkin patch activity: picking up and dropping pumpkins, while I ran around trying to catch them all.

My mom and Paizlee enjoying the day.

Maddux: Um, hello? Do you want to get out? Do you want to play in the hay with me? Do you promise not to run away? I will help you! (actually, dear Maddux, no, you won't)

Breuklyn: Can I put it down? Please? What?!? You want to take another picture? Geeze, mom! OK, here is my best smile!

Paizlee: Hello? Hello? I don't think I trust whatever is going on in there.

Breuklyn: Come on in, Paizlee!! I'm not doing anything crazy in here!!

My poor dad must have spent $10.00 in quarters to buy duck food. Every time they would run out of food Maddux would look up at him and say, Puh-leeeezzzeee? Just one more time? No one can say no to Maddux. It's those long eyelashes, I guarantee it.


Carmen O. said...

Awww how fun and it's so great that your parents went too. I don't think I could say no to Maddux either!

When you have a chance check my blog, there's something there for you. :)

shopgirlaudi said...

Oh, what a fun day and you got some really great pics:)I gotta post the few pumpkin patch pics I got so far. Hoping to get some more this weekend:)

Lal said...

Awww, it looks like you all had a great time! And you got some great pictures too!! I was laughing at all your little captions! And yep, it IS those eyelashes!! Suck me in EVERY time!! LOL We went last weekend too, but we didn't get to do too there late and it was just TOO hot..blah!! I got a few pics though!

Melissa S said...

Sooo ya gonna carve those pumpkins??? The kiddos all looked as cute as ever...:)

Leah said...

looks like a fun time