Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's Make a Spooky Castle!

Maddux: Hmmm... I wonder if the Spooky Castle really needs all of this candy. If I eat some of this stuff, no one will notice. (Maddux licked every single piece of candy before he added it to the Spooky Castle)

Breuklyn: I'm ready for my close up!

Maddux: If I climb up on the table, I can concentrate on applying the frosting. (Plus, it got him within arms reach of Breuklyn's candy)

The finished product. The Spookiest Spooky Castle ever. Good job, guys!


Susan said...

Ok I love the things you do with your kids. It makes me wish for younger kids again. Who am I kidding I have baby fever and I want one NOW....LOL....I have 7 and have no right to want another....LOL....Did you buy the castle?? I have found that Pilsbury had a great Halloween recipe book and this week everynight we are going to do a different spooky treat just to get ready for the big night. I haven't looked for a spooky house but my little one would love that.

Estee, thanks for always sharing your ideas and your life with us. I know I appreciate it and your recipes are just to die for. Have a great week and I'm sure you will hear more from me. You're awesome girl!

Carmen O. said...

Hey I'm kind of like Susan, although at this point in my life I think I can wait for grandchildren. Wow that seems weird to type. My mom had two grandsons by the time she was my age.

Great spooky castle Maddux and Breuklyn!

Melissa S said...


Patrizzia said...

Fun fun fun! B looks so dang cute in that second photo. Sweetness I tell ya!

Leah said...

very nice spooky castle!