Thursday, October 2, 2008

The 3-year-old Boy Anti-Kiss Campaign

Since Breuklyn is in Kindergarten it gives Maddux a little more airtime for his conversations.

Heard in the car today:

Maddux: Mommy? Where does Grandpa live?
Me: He lives in Virginia, with Groggee.
Maddux: Why does he live with Groggee?
Me: He is married to Groggee, so he gets to live with her. Just like Mommy and Daddy.

-silence as he thinks it over-

Maddux: I want to get married.
Me: Today? We're kind of busy today.
Maddux: I want to marry Breuklyn.
Me: You're kind of not allowed.
Maddux: Yes, I am. I am 3-years-old and I can do lots of stuff.
Me: Fair enough.

-sings a little song about how being 3 is the best... Best... BEST!-

Maddux: Oh, wait.
Me: Having second thoughts?
Maddux: I don't want to kiss her. Kisses are yuck. That's why I can't marry you. You give too many kisses.
Me: You don't like kisses?
Maddux: I am 3-years-old, remember? 3-year-old boys don't like kisses.
Me: Oh. I like to give you kisses.
Maddux: You can kiss my ear. But, that's it. Only one ear. OK?
Me: You drive a hard bargain, my friend, but I will agree to only kiss one ear.

-sings a little song about how kisses are yuck... Yuck... YUCK!-

Maddux: I guess we can get married then. You have to tell daddy.
Me: No worries, I'll text him.

- continues the yuck... Yuck... YUCK! song -


Taryn said...

total sweetness!!

Carmen O. said...

Awww this is just too cute!

Lal said...

That is just hilarious! And so cute!! Mikey hasn't said anything THAT funny yet! LOL :)

Cathy said...

i love your kiddos views on life.