Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Half Birthday, Paizlee!

I can't believe that Paizlee is already 18 months old.

Loves: Playing with the Dora Kitchen with all of the pretend food, sidewalk chalk, snuggling with Maddux on the couch, climbing on absolutely everything and singing along to the Backyardigans CD on my iPod.

Says: Daddy, GaGa (sippy cup), Hi!, Bye-ee!, GO!, num-nums, Ba-Ba (Breuklyn), Cheeeeeeezzz! (when smiling for the camera), No, Yesh, Up, Down, Wow, Oink Oink!, Moooooo!!, Tanks (thank you), batpat (Backpack, from Dora), uh-huh and ta-Da! Do you see what is missing from this list? The kid can say backpack, but she can't say MAMA!! It is just cruel. I think she is toying with me.

Most known for: She is our climber. She has jumped off the back of the couch more times that I can count. We are seriously considering buying her some lead weights for her ankles.

Best thing about her: She is so snuggly. She is gentle, inquisitive, patient and just flat out adorable. She definitely completes our little family.


Melissa said...

She's so cute! :) Happy half birthday and congratulations to you, too.

Elizabeth said...

First off, I LOVE Dora!!! When I babysit, I look forward to watching Dora!

Next, it is amazing how much Paizlee looks like Breuklyn! My lil' sis looks like, so I'm not sure why that amazes me, but it just does! :-)

Finally, Paizlee has the cutest litle chunky cheeks! They are adorable!

I love you, my dear... we still need to catch up!!!

Lal said...

Awww, she is just tooooo adorable! Growing up so fast, huh? I see Brad is sporting a "lumberjack beard" what I call it. Too bad I didn't take a pic of Miguel with his. His clippers broke and it was getting pretty long which I just the scruffy look, but he came home last night with a haircut...YAY..and no more beard...booo :( LOL

Melissa S said...

aWWWWW...she is a complete doll!

Tanya said...

My goodness, what a cutie!

So glad you stopped by my blog! Thanks for the nice comment!

Jane said...

what a great post! Man she is growing!! Amazing how fast it happens huh? So glad you send your daughter to your husband!!!

Heather said...

Happy Half Birthday Paizlee! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a daredevil. Brandon is 18 months now too and is into everything. Yesterday he figured out how to smush himself between the footboard of the sleighbed, and his sister's mattress. He didn't complain, he just stayed there until I came looking for him and looked at me innocently like "What?" LOL

Then the day before that I caught him standing on my desk next to my laptop. If you find a place that makes ankle weights let me know! LOL