Friday, August 29, 2008

Squash... it's what's for dinner.

Friday is grocery shopping day at my house. I drop Breuklyn off at school and then embark on one full hour of trying to remember everything on my shopping list while simultaneously trying to not flatten Maddux with the grocery cart and he darts in and out of my path. Fun times.

Today we went to a different grocery store since I stalked down everyone's weekly ads and this particular store, Food Lion, actually, had the most things on sale that I needed. Maddux wandered along with me and asked about 400 thought provoking questions. Why do onions come in so many colors? Why are peaches fuzzy? Why do the fish still have eyeballs if someone is going to eat them? (Why do they leave the eyeballs in?)

As we ended our tour through the fruit and vegetables we came upon the locally grown zucchini and squash. I needed zucchini for the zucchini bread that I am going to bake this week, so I started to grab some. Maddux was more intrigued by the tiny yellow squash.

Maddux: (as he picks up a very bendy looking squash) Mommy, what are these?
Me: Squash.
- he then proceeds to drop the squash like it is on fire and he runs around and hides behind the grocery cart-
Me: (looking mildly stunned by his reaction) What is wrong with you?
Maddux: I don't want to get squashed!
Me: By what?
Maddux: You told it to squash me!!
- The guy stocking the bananas is audibly laughing-
Me: No, actually it is called squash. It wasn't a command.
Maddux: Oh. Can we have it for dinner?

I doubt that is an effective way to get the kid to eat his vegetables.


Melissa said...

ROFL! Too cute! I love reading your anecdotes about your kids.

Carmen O. said...

OMG hysterical! Your kids are so inquisitive.

Lal said...

So funny!! And I LOOOOVE squash!! :)

shopgirlaudi said... funny about the squash. I LOVE squash...just like copy cat Lal;) and I love, LOVE zucchini bread...Yummy:P

Thanks for the comment on my blog about my LO...Lift away. I'm SO flattered. I don't think I've ever had anyone want to lift my LO before. Thanks for making my day;)