Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Conversation at my House

- I walk in the front door after visiting my grandmother for a few hours-

Brad: You will never believe what your son did.
Estee: Try me.
B: He started screaming in his bedroom, so I ran in there to see what was wrong. He was pointing to his nose and screaming like crazy.
E: I can see where this is going.
B: He had something stuck up his nose. I seriously thought I was going to have to take him to the ER. I could not get it out.
E: Ok, how did you get it out? Tweezers?
B: Hey, I didn't think about tweezers. No, I just pinched his nose and squeezed down.
E: Um, like when you want to get the toothpaste that is at the end of the tube? You toothpaste-d our son?

- pause -

B: Was that bad?
E: Well, no, obviously you got it out, right? What was it?
B: That's the worst part!! It was a purple bead from Breuklyn's princess tiara!
E: Why is that the worst part?
B: Well, it isn't very manly.
E: I'm sorry, but what? I think that sticking something up your nose is very manly, as in only a man, generally speaking, would stick something up his nose. I never stuck anything up my nose. It isn't really a girl thing to do.

- thinks for something clever to say, and fails -

B: Well, it could have at least been a marble, or a lima bean or something.
E: I'm sure he won't let down next time, dear.


Monica Jo said...

OMG!!! Toooo funny. My mom said I put a cheerio up my nose when I was little. She said she was freaking out till she realized with my crying it would just get soggy and easy to remove...LOL I havent had the puttin things in nose situation..but my oldest has put things in his ear....TWICE!!

Lal said...

OMG!! How funny of Brad! Mikey hasn't stuck anything in his nose...yet...and I sure hope he doesn't, but the last time he had these plastic dinosaur bones from a game of Elijah's and he was sticking them in his EARS! Yeah, I took that game and put it up some place REALLY high!

Leah said...


Carmen Olson said...

LOL Tim says I bet his sister had something to do with it!! Being the youngest of five he knows how that is....

I only swallowed a penny.