Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Very Rare Cle-Maddux Plant

This, the white clematis, is what we have growing up the trellis thing next to my front door. It is ginormous and goes all the way up on the roof. It is very pretty and the kids love to poke at the flowers a hundred times a day. Today, we had this conversation...

Breuklyn: Mommy! Look at the pretty cle-Maddux!
Mommy: It's a clematis, not a cle-Maddux.
Breuklyn: But it looks just like him! Maddux, look!! It's you!
Maddux: I not gonna hang upside down from the roof.
Mommy: Well, as long as we've got that settled, let's go.


shopgirlaudi said...

Too funny. What a beatiful flower:)

Lal said...

That's funny! And that IS a very pretty flower!

Elizabeth said...

Aren't kids just hysterical! I get some of the best comments while I am teaching swim lessons!

Vicki said...

Wow! What a beautiful Cle-Maddux plant! I love them, but we never have any luck with them because the deer won't leave them alone!