Friday, April 18, 2008

HELP! Can you name these plants?

It is kind of entertaining to enjoy spring in a new house, especially when the backyard erupts in a myriad of colors. I would like to sustain these beautiful plants and I think that the first step would be figuring what the heck they are. The above picture is from a smallish tree in my backyard. It is really pretty and makes me ridiculously happy.
This is some kind of ginormous bush/thing that is growing behind my house. It is actually taller than my house and sorta kinda intimidating.

This is one of six small bushes that are growing around the tree in the first picture. Yeah, the picture is blurry. The thing tried to bolt while I attempted to take it's picture. Camera shy.
If you can tell me some info about these, I will love you forever and ever, or at least until tomorrow afternoon.


shopgirlaudi said...

K...this info is from my dh as I know nothing about this sort of stuff myself either. He is the "expert gardener" ;)

The first he says looks like a form of Magnolia, the second he says is a rubber tree, the last one...he isnt' sure of.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

The last one looks like Azaeleas

Melissa S said...

I agree with Carmen..the bottom is definetly an azalea bush or PGM..the other 2 I don't have a clue!!

Anonymous said...

The first one is a Dogwood tree. They are very common in TN and are white or pink. I grew up in Knoxville and they hold a "Dogwood Arts Festival" every spring. The last one is an azaelea.

Leah said...

no idea what they are but they sure are pretty!

Carmen said...

I figured the last one was probably Azalea bush, but I wasn't sure about the other two. Since someone mentioned Dogwood for the first tho, I tend to agree. I think magnolia has bigger blossoms and kinda pointy at the petal ends. I could be wrong as there are so many different varieties.