Thursday, April 17, 2008

Frightening my Children, One Day at a Time.

Maddux is a screamer. There is no way around it, the child screams all.the.time. If he manages to drop a spoonful of milk on his pants at breakfast, he screams. If Breuklyn takes his robot, he screams. You get the picture. It takes a while to actually figure out why he is screaming because his voice is very loud and unintelligible with the high pitched screeches than he pretends to be words.

Yesterday, he was in his room and I was in the kitchen making dinner. Amidst the clatter of Paizlee banging on my pots and pans, I hear a scream from Maddux's room that I thought was him screaming, "Mommmy! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Well, for Maddux, a bee could be any sort of large bug, so I grabbed Brad's ginormous steel-toed work boot and go thundering down the hallway in my crazy attempt to save him from whatever is evoking such a meltdown. As I reach his room, Brad's boot held high and ready for anything Maddux sees me and drops to the ground in terror. Apparently, he thinks the boot is for him because he is saying over and over, "I so SORRY! I so SORRY!" Huh? "Maddux! Where is the bee?" He looks up at me, "No bee mommy... pee," as he points to the puddle in the middle of his floor. I know that I should have been upset about the puddle on the hardwood floor, but I started laughing... hysterically.

Later that evening he was stomping around in Brad's boots, so I guess there won't be any long term psychological damage due to the fear of impending doom brought on by steel-toed boots. Getting put on the "time out bench" will seem like a cakewalk after this!

It is, most definitely, time to potty train this child.


Lal said...

OMGoodness! I was totally laughing out loud at this!! SOOO funny!! I'm telling you...Mikey and Maddux must be long lost relatives!! Mikey is SUCH a screamer! And he has different ones too!! Each and every one of them is just as annoying as the other! LOL about the boot!! Poor Maddux thought he was getting the boot! might be on to something there...JUST KIDDING! I remember once when we had first moved into our new house, I was taking a shower and Mikey was downstairs watching tv and I kept calling him while I was in the bathroom to check on him, but he never came. So I'm rushing to shower and as I was getting out of the shower I call to him again and I think that I hear him call me "Mommy" but in a muffled voice, so I throw my clothes on and start to RUN down the stairs! I took two of the steps and then slipped and SLID the rest of the way down on my back with one leg UP dragged behind me!! OUCH! When I get to the bottom of the stairs STILL on my back, I look over to see Mikey laying on his tummy, chin in his hands, watching tv. He just looks over at me and then looks back at the tv. Elijah did the same thing to me too, but that's a different story! LOL Needless to say, when Mikey "screams" now, I don't rush to get there! :)

Melissa S said...

I would have totally freaked out..girl you are outstanding to just laugh:)