Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Since Brad is on vacation for the first time ever, we have been all over the place doing all of the things that the kids love best. The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga recently added a new Penguin Exhibit, so we decided that since it a million degrees outside, an air conditioned aquarium would be the perfect place to spend the afternoon. I absolutely love this picture of Breuklyn being all excited and Maddux trying to hide from me. It makes me smile. :)

You will be thrilled to know, I am certain, that I touch a sting ray. They feel very squishy, like a sponge. Totally creepy. Breuklyn wasn't interested and Maddux wanted to know which one was Nemo, since there were orange fish swimming in with the sting rays and baby sharks of some sort. The lady with the microphone who was yelling out random facts and instructing everyone not to step on the butterflies in the butterfly room announced, "Now there is a mom with some courage!!" at which every woman within earshot stuck her hand in there, grabbed a sting ray and glared at me. Nice.

After three hours and two buildings, Maddux was still yelling, "Look!! More fish" everytime we rounded a corner. We saw fish (obviously), squid, alligators, snakes, sea otters, penguins, sharks and countless other animals that I have forgotten. There was even a fish that looked disturbingly like my great-grandfather which my sister and I refer to as the Grandpa Spangler fish. On the ride home we asked the kids what their favorite thing at the aquarium was and they gleefully announced, "Buying snakes at the gift shop!!" as they flung their five foot-long plush snakes all over the back seat. Well, at least I took lots of pictures to remember the day, even if they don't. :)


Lal said...

How brave of you! We took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium (I think that's what it's called)this past Spring Break and they both loved it too! I however, did NOT touch a stingray! LOL

shopgirlaudi said...

You are a brave one, Estee. I would NOT stick my hand in there. I consider pulling our turtle out of the aquarium on "clean the tank day" enough adventure for me:)

Sounds like you all had a really fun day:)

BB said...

You touched a sting ray?!?!
I am picturing the sting ray launching itself from the tank, flying through the air crouching tiger, hidden dragon style and affixing itself firmly to the top of you head all while flapping about madly. OMG, it could have sucked out your brains! That was a close one dude!

Heather said...

I would've touched the sting ray too! Of course something drastic would've happened to me if I did but it'd have been a story to tell! LOL I second what BB said. You could've been killed! LOL I bet the kids thought you were awesome!

dlynch said...

I have a salt water tank and am a scuba diver - I would have touched the sting ray also!

Sounds like you had fun!