Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Adventures Continue

Yesterday we spent the day at the Nashville Zoo and we had so much fun! I am a huge big fan of the zoo and we finally bought a family membership this year. Finally! This year they opened up a new Alligator Exhibit and Breuklyn was so very excited to check it out. Even though it was 95+ degrees, the kids were amazingly well behaved and were so excited as we trooped along. I am still amazed that Maddux's little legs were capable of walking for the 4 hours that we were there. I thought for sure that he would ask to ride in the stroller, but he was in it for the long haul.

On the way home, we did the usual review of what was cool and what they didn't like. Breuklyn's favorite part was the carousel, which she got to ride twice. She didn't like the historic farm that they have there. In her words, "Why do they have a barn at the zoo? Those aren't zoo animals. And, I see barns all day night on the way to Nanny's house. I know what a horse looks like already." Apparently the zoo needs to step it up! She was also aggravated that they are housing the new giant anteaters off exhibit in the barn. "They don't live in barns, Mom. That's not real." I wasn't aware that we were raising a future zookeeper, but it seems that we are.

Maddux was much easier to please. He liked the, "Zebras, 'raffs, fontants, gators, meerCATS and the lions." In case you don't speak fluent Maddux, that was zebras, giraffes, elephants, alligators, meerkats and lions. There weren't any lions, so I am not so sure about that one. He didn't like the carousel because, "it was 'cary."

Paizlee loved the zoo because it was a new place to take a nap.

All in all, it was a successful adventure and we will be going back on August 11th because they are having a members night where you get to stay after everyone else leaves and the carousel rides are free. Surely, we must ride the carousel a million times!


Anonymous said... girl looks so big on the carousel. A very observant child just like her Mother- the questions and comments never end!Thanks for the neat picture and blog..Groggee

Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog!!! It is so nice to see familiar faces!!
LOVE your blog Estee!! You always have the most interesting adventures....I will be back!!! I really like the picture of you and your kids on your blog!! they are so cute!! oh and so are you lol!!!

BB said...

Good job with the link!

Perhaps the giant anteaters were near the barn because the barn animals were planning a picnic. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

shopgirlaudi said...

Yes, the carousel is definately the highlight. We did a little "amusement park" thingie yesterday and the carousel there was flying. I wasn't aware that it was supposed to go so fast, but my daughter LOVED it!!!

We always get a zoo pass, but it's always such a chore. Our boys are way too big to be entertained by the zoo and they get all whiny and stuff if we make them go.

My daughter loves it, but we just don't go enough.

Heather said...

Now I wanna go to the zoo!!! We used to go every year on my birthday before we had kids. The fontants (hehe) show is my favorite! OMG another neon sock wearer!!! Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them that. LOL I would wear two pairs at a time and it would be green on top and orange on bottom on the left and orange on top and green on bottom on the right. I was SO cool! =0)