Monday, August 6, 2007

2 things that baffle me

I finally got a project done today, which was amazing. I had to make the tough decision between getting this done or finishing laundry. Clearly, the more important task of the two won out.

Today, when I came around the corner from the living room into the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of Maddux digging through the trash. This wasn't his usual foraging for lost trucks that he dropped in there, this was him standing on his Boots the monkey chair acting like a homeless person. I have no earthly idea what he was looking for, but he was chewing quite happily. I swear that there is a clear difference between little boys and little girls. Breuklyn has never, to my knowledge, searched for snacks in the garbage. Last week, when we were trying to herd everyone into the car, Maddux stopped on the steps and picked up a pretzel that he dropped last week... and ate it. What would possess him to do that? This would be the first thing that baffles me.

The second thing that baffles me would be the lunch choices made by my darling husband. He happens to be a huge big fan of leftovers and loves to eat them for lunch, however, he never remembers to take them to work for lunch. They are still sitting in the refrigerator staring back at me after he leaves for work in the morning. So, what does he eat instead? He eats a bologna sandwich that he buys at the gas station next to his work. Yuck! For some reason, I think it is really gross and he does not. "It isn't like the guy who made the sandwich is pumping my gas at the same time," is his argument. "How do you know that?" I throw back at him. Again, boys are so weird.


BB said...

Maddux needs one of those bumper stickers for his trike that says "I brake for Shake-it Jake." That, or you need a taller trash can.

As for the the gas station bologna sandwiches..... EW. Chris buys those hot dogs from the gas station. You know, the ones that are on the rollers under the heat lamp with cobwebs. Boys are icky.

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL...digging in the trash...that's too funny. My son never did it,but Mikey does it. It's funny:) And I'd question food from the gas station as well:(

Angela said...

Boys are weird - no question about it!

dlynch said...

OMG -too funny - I think it's a guy thing. My dh is the same way about leftovers/lunch. Love the LO.

Heather said...

LOL at Maddux. Aren't you feeding that boy?! LOL that said it's a boy thing. My godson does that stuff. He'll find old crackers on the floor and just pop them in his mouth! Grossness!