Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pediatrician Adventures

I took Paizlee to the pediatrician this week for her 4 month appointment. It was quite the adventure. The pediatrician's office is in Chattanooga, which is a little over an hour and one time zone away. Really, the time zone doesn't matter much except that it messes with my head when it comes to figuring out the time of my appointment... Central or Eastern?? So after getting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door by 7:00am, I was not really excited about the prospect of an hour of interstate driving with the Backyardigans blaring in the backseat.

Once we get there, the kids are thrilled at the thought of playing with all of the toys in the waiting room, so they are having a hard time remembering to hold on to one another's hands so we can actually get into the office. At the last possible moment, Maddux made a mad dash out of the elevator because he decided that it was scary. I hit the emergency button and grabbed him by the shirt tail and he flew past me. The woman in the elevator said, "Wow, you have fast reflexes." That's what happens when you stay up at night imagining all the possibilities of what could possibly happen so that you will be prepared for anything.

After that we had smooth sailing until the vaccinations. Paizlee was fine, but Breuklyn and Maddux were mad. Paizlee was crying (I would too if someone jammed four needles into my thighs! Ouch!!) and Maddux started stomping his feet and yelling, "That not nice!" at the nurse. Poor Maddux, trying to protect his little sister. When the nurse gave me the percentages for Paizlee I was shocked to learn that at a whopping 17.5 lbs, she is in the 100th precentile for her age and length. Crazy! I told the nurse that she must be wrong because Paizlee isn't the world's largest baby and she just looked at the other two and said, "Well, it kind of looks like you have a lot that you carry around and take care of... she probably doesn't feel like she weighs a lot compared to your son." Hmmm... Ok, she had a point.

Since she is 4 months, we are supposed to start feeding her rice cereal. The other two never ate rice cereal, they hated it and acted like you were poisoning them. I have high hopes for Paizlee eating it since she is totally the opposite of the other two. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much Paizlee has grown. She is becoming her own little person!! And doesn't she look sweet in purple???? Groggee

BB said...

I can't believe your kids don't eat rice cereal! Dude I love that stuff even now! I grew up referring to it as "cereal that you mix up" and I still have no idea what the actual name is only that it has the Gerber baby on the box and it is GOOD!

Heather said...

OMG well at least Paizlee is ON the chart. Brandon is off the charts especially in height. WAY OFF. He's 29 inches tall at almost 5 mos! He's 16 lbs. So long and super skinny. He HATES rice cereal. You would think I was killing him. He spits it out and cries. He'll eat baby food though. So I started that.

I dream up crazy scenarios of what wild things the kids might try next. Poor Maddux. Elevators are terrifying to my 3 year old too. If we don't hold her she lets out ear piercing shrieks until it stops.