Friday, July 27, 2007

Good Lord what is that??

It has been brought to my attention that I do not clean under my children's beds often enough. I have inherited the genetic, "Absolutely must re-arrange the furniture" gene from my mother and even this has not helped me keep up with the stash of treasures under Breuklyn's bed. As I would moving around the furniture in her room, I uncovered--

3 chicken nugget halves (hopefully she ate the other halves and they haven't migrated elsewhere)
4 french fries (is she running a Diner at night?)
27 Hershey Kisses foil wrappers (at least she didn't eat them, unlike her brother)
3 wicks from what used to be my tea lights
1 toy Shrek donkey (missing a leg)
400 stickers from her latest coloring book
3 random socks that do not match
1 Stuffed Sea Otter

The rest of the treasures got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. She just stood there looking at me with the "I didn't do it" face. -sigh- Note to self: clean under beds more often.


BB said...

You guys need a dog! Dogs take care of all those pesky chicken nugget bits and half eaten french fries under the bed. They also can stand directly under the high chair and catch food that little people drip or spill before it ever hits the floor. They are very good at locating and eating any crumbs in the kitchen or elsewhere. Seriously, I am considering getting rid of my mop!

Estee said...

Brad so desperately wants a dog. Every week as we wheel into Wal-mart there are countless hillbillies with puppies piled into the bed of their pick-up truck and thus begins the, "Don't you think we need a dog??? Pleeeaaaasssee?" The way that I look at it- I already am in charge of the bodily functions of three small children. I am really not in the market for a fourth. Maybe I could train Maddux to catch the crumbs... hmmmmmmmm...

Heather said...

I agree with BB you need to add a dog to your life. They clean up all kinds of messes. Without having to plug them in! LOL Or as an alternative... The kids are still little enough to think chores are fun. AND they don't know how much a penny is worth! Pay them to clean it. Cheap labor... A mother's dream! LOL I don't mind you adding me to the list of blogs you read. I should add you to my list!

Lal said...

Hi Estee :) Now I can stalk you too! LOL :)

shopgirlaudi said...

Yay, you have a blog:) I am so looking forward to reading all your adventures:) Adding your link to my page as well:)